Frequently Asked Questions at Affordable Asphalt in the Greater Tulsa Area

1) What types of services do we offer?

We can fulfill a wide array of customer needs, from new concrete/asphalt installations and existing pavement overlays to repairs and pavement maintenance: sealcoat, crack repair and striping.

2) What type of work do I need to have done?

Solutions to your pavement needs can rely on many factors, including what type of loads you expect pavement to withstand, what type of soil/base you are paving over, the desired finished appearance, incorporation of natural landscaping and the amount of money available for the project. These are just some of the factors that we will want to consider to help you resolve your pavement issues.

3) What is the difference between an overlay and a sealcoat?

An overlay is the installation of a thin layer of asphalt concrete, commonly referred to as simply “asphalt”, over an existing pavement surface. The base surface is cleaned and tacked to bond to new material which is installed at high temperatures at a depth of usually around two inches and compacted to increase strength and durability. Overlays are usually recommended to solve surface defects devoid of structural issues and can cover entire pavement surface or specific problem areas.

A sealcoat is the application of either an asphalt emulsion or coal tar emulsion that can be sprayed on or applied with a squeegee. It serves to protect the surface of pavement from excessive weathering and is usually done in addition to crack-repair to keep water from undermining pavement.

4) Which is preferable: concrete or asphalt?

This can depend on many factors including the load that the pavement is to bear, the base structure available, grade issues and cost.

5) How do I choose a contractor?

Your choice of contractor should reflect the investment you are making of your time and resources. A local contractor who is readily available to oversee and address any concerns or issues specific to your project is crucial to achieving desired results. Never be afraid to ask for references and referrals; most reputable companies will be eager to oblige and offer free estimates and consultations.

6) Should cost be my primary concern?

We understand that costs are always a concern and try to offer as competitive prices without sacrificing quality and workmanship. A properly installed pavement surface should provide you with years of worry-free use. Early deterioration can result in costly and time consuming repairs. A poorly done job can often cost more in the long run, and consumers should always be cautious of fly-by-night operations that offer no accountability for poorly done jobs.

7) What area do we service?

We service Tulsa and the surrounding areas up to an hour away. We stay in the Tulsa area to keep our prices down and to provide the best service possible.